Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Goals

Time again for my monthly goals! So far my June is not too busy so I have high hopes of what I can accomplish. But first lets look at May.

May was not a great month for goals. I had far too much going on to do much of anything. I attempted most of them and finished a few. Hopefully June will be a better month.

Get a manicure and pedicure. I did it! I really love getting pedicures, but I learned that manicures are not worth it. My polish started chipping two days later.
Finish editing pictures. I finished another session but I still have more to go. But I can see the end in sight!
Put movies on iPad. Sure did. But the plane ended up having free movies so I did not really use them. Oh well.
Go a weekend without social media. We going to call this half and half. I did not go a whole weekend without social media, but I was more conscious of not going on when I had my husband sitting next to me.
Read one journal article. Ha. Good joke.

Start new photobook. I made my last photobook and I love it, but I need to get working on a new one since I have at least 3 more years to catch up on.
Attempt a no spend month. After Hawaii, we need to give our checking account a little rest. Hopefully we can stick to this for the month.
Do dishes everyday for two weeks. I really need to get this into my routine. I have it where it is almost everyday, but I need it to be everyday.
Start and finish one crafty project. I never make time for these and they always make me feel great once I finish them. Need to do one this month.
Finish chalkboard project. This one is kicking my butt. For no reason really, it just never seems to get finished.
Get 7,000 steps daily. I was doing really well at working out before Hawaii so now that we are settled in again and Richard is starting classes again hopefully we can make this a routine again.

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