Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hawaii- Part 3 {Just the Two of Us}

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Richard and I decided to stay a few extra days in Hawaii after our friends left. We switched hotels so that we could find one that was smaller since it was only the two of us. It ended up working out because it was located in a different part of Waikiki so we could explore different things for our few remaining days.
At this point in the trip, we were not really wanting to sit in the sun anymore since we had got burnt a few different times so we decided to rent an umbrella so we could still sit on the beach. We really enjoyed being out of the sun while still being able to enjoy the ocean. I read while Richard pretty much slept the entire time.
We also decided one day to go to a large marketplace that was being held in the parking lot of their stadium. We took a bus over there, which felt like forever because of the people we were sitting near. Once we got there, we were not super impressed by what they had to offer, but we did end up buying a few things as keepsakes. Richard also bought a coconut to drink. Spoiler alert, he did not like it.
After we were done looking around, we decided to walk over to the Pearl Harbor Museum since we ended up being so close to it. It was later in the afternoon by then so they were sold out of the ship tour. But we were able to tour a submarine that was still available. They gave us headphones so that they could narrate as we walked through the submarine.
Other than that we just spent a lot of time exploring and walking around and enjoying the beach whenever we could.
We also did quite a bit of shopping since they had great stores that we do not have in Louisiana. There were stores just on the street close to our condo and we also went to the mall which is the largest outdoor mall in the country. It was huge, which means a lot coming from me since I used to live by the Mall of America. As usual, we spent too much money shopping. Gotta get it out of our system when we can.

At one point Richard and I had to try the Hawaiian ice and the servings were giant.
We tried many, many different food places and they were amazing. Pretty much anywhere we went their was great food. As long as their was something on the menu for me to order, I was even able to enjoy a lot of different food. Oh and tropical drinks galore which is my favorite. This is a very small piece of what we ate.
Whew. That is all for the Hawaii posts. We had a really great time and looking through all these pictures makes me want to go back right now. I am so glad that we were able to make this trip work and this will forever be something that we can remember! Aloha, Hawaii!

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  1. It really sounds like you guys had a blast, exploring and eating yummy food!


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