Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Update | Birthday Party

This past weekend was a good one. We were able to accomplish a whole lot a feel satisfied with what we got done.

Richard and I started this weekend with an impromptu date at Applebees, watched some New Girl and got some fro-yo. We were able to talk and catch up a little after our busy week. We spend a lot of time together but for me it is different to spend time face-to-face just talking. Since most of our time sitting on the couch, running or driving, talking face-to-face is something I enjoy more. Has anyone read the Love and Respect book by Emerson Eggerichs? If not you should. We went to the conference as part of our pre-marital counseling and we both loved it. They talk about how women desire more face-face interactions while men desire more shoulder-to-shoulder. It is definitely true for us.

Saturday morning we were both efficient at getting our work done. Richard worked on his paper while I cleaned and organized the house. I finally had enough time between Saturday and Sunday to catch up on the house work. It always feels so good to have the house clean. Now if only I could keep it that way. I am working on it.

We spent Saturday evening doing a pub crawl for Dave's 30th birthday around the small town where Richard goes to school. Since it is not a big town, we did the best we could under the circumstances. We went to 7 different places and had a good group of us jumping around.
In the back, left to right: Claire's grandparents, Evan Claire, Dave, Chris and Brian
In the front, left to right: Richard, Obi, Brittani and Me
I spent some time on Sunday outside in the sun. I figured I better get some exposure before we head to Hawaii. I tried to go to our pool, but for some reason it was closed. Boo. I ended up sitting on our porch in the sun instead. Not as glamorous, but I still enjoyed it.

My puppy enjoyed the sun too and found the only sliver of sunshine in the whole house and spent her Sunday in the sunshine.
I am hoping that this week goes by quick. My husband and his cohort for his program will be at my work on Friday for a school thing, which is funny to me. And this coming weekend will be packing and preparing galore for Hawaii! Eek! My husband is going early and will be bringing my suitcase so I have be mostly packed four days before I leave. Should be interesting.

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