Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Update | Packing

This weekend was busy. But a fun kind of busy. We spent pretty much all of Saturday preparing for our beach vacation that is coming up this week.

We decided to go run some errands to pick up what we needed for our trip. It has been a long time since either of us has gone on a beach vacation so we needed a lot of stuff. We ended up buying swimsuits for both of us, flip-flops for both of us, a few dress shirts and a suitcase. All things that we needed to buy since what we already had no longer worked for either of us. It took us far longer than I though it would, mostly because I spent close to two hours at Victoria's Secret. Oops.
We then spent the evening packing everything for our trip. Richard leaves on Tuesday and is taking the big suitcase with him so I had to pack most of my liquids and clothes so he could take them. We stuffed everything in our suitcase only to find out that it was far too heavy to make it under the 50 pound mark. So we ended up having to take out half the suitcase and put it into a smaller one. Lame. But I can officially say that we are almost all packed.

On Sunday, we spent the day catching up on school and cleaning. We also gave Paisley puppy a bath so that she would smell super clean for when she spends a week over at a friends house. Richard had to help me get her in the tub since she was too strong for me. Once she was in the tub so was too terrified to move at all so I did not have to fight her too much. Now she smells squeaky clean.
I just have to make it through the next 4 work days including 3 days without Richard and then it will be Vacation time! The last time we took an actual vacation was our honeymoon which was almost three years ago so we are ready!
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