Thursday, April 10, 2014

Minnesota- Oh How I Love You

Well I feel like I have been pretty absent this last week. And for good reason. Last Wednesday was my 24th birthday and then I went back home to Minnesota so things got a little crazy. My birthday was an amazing day spent with my husband. We tried a new local Italian restaurant and I would have to say the fettuccine alfredo was probably the best I have had in a really long time. Yum. My husband really enjoyed his meal too.

My trip home to Minnesota was exactly what I needed too. It was the perfect amount of time to be there and I really enjoyed it. Here is a quick rundown of my adventures.

-I went bowling with my sisters, dad, brother-in-law, nephew and sister's boyfriend. Only four of us bowled but I broke 100 which I don think I have ever done before. So that was pretty exciting.

-I spent some time with my nephew and got these fun pictures. We were taking a selfie and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. He would take one and then run away laughing and squealing.

-I hung out with some of my best friends. With Sammi-I went to her house with her sister and we ate dinner and talked and watched frozen. Perfect girls night. With Tiffany- we went to lunch and sat and chit chatted for a while. Love both of these girls.

-I had three photography sessions that I am so excited about. I need to start editing a whole bunch of pictures!

-It snowed over 12 inches on Friday and after that the weather was so warm that all of the snow was gone by Saturday afternoon. Gotta love Minnesota!

-My little sister and I got tattoos in honor of my mom. We got a tattoo of mountains since she loved to ski and the three mountain peaks represent her three daughters. The moon represents her and that she is watching over us and we got the words"Always with you". We were a little nervous about the design, but it turned out really good!

-My sister had some of my aunts and uncles over to play cards which is sort of our thing in our family. It is always fun to get people together to play and spend some time catching up.

-I went with my sisters to a local indoor amusement park so my nephew could run around a bit. He is at such a fun age right now and I love it.

-I went to lunch with Richard's parents and his younger brothers. It was nice getting to see them even though I had some car troubles that made for an interesting afternoon.

-We watched some home videos of our family from when we were younger. We laughed so hard at my baby sister on the camera. Apparently no one was paying attention to her so she made herself seen. It was pretty hilarious but I will save her the embarrassment, ha!

-I went shopping and am actually really impressed with how little I spent! I am pretty proud and it was still fun to do a little shopping.

-I got my fix of all the restaurants that I do not have by me. Including Noodles and Company, Panera Bread, Pizza & Pasta, Qdoba and Caribou Coffee. So much good food.

- I had a momentary freakout at the airport on the way home. I blame the fact that I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning. I looked at my ticket and somehow misread that I only had a 30 minute layover so I was running through the airport and then I realized that I actually had an hour and a half. Not really sure how that happened but I was nervous for a while there.

And I will leave you with one last picture of my little cutie.

So that was my amazing trip spent back in the mid-west. I am sad to think that I probably will not be headed home again until September.
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  1. Sounds like an awesome trip home! And I don't think I've ever broken 100. Good job!


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