Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Review

This month went by so quick it is crazy! April is always a good month since it is my birthday month after all. We had a good mix of busy and relaxing this month so I am happy. We are also on our way to being healthy and it feels so good. I have made myself a smoothie for breakfast during the week every day this month and I am loving it! So here is what we were up to this last month.

-I spent a long weekend in Minnesota where I was able to see my family, take a lot of pictures and get a tattoo.

-I celebrated my birthday and turned the big 24!

-I hung out with Kristen quite a few times and took my favorite picture so far with her and her kids.

-Richard and I started running/walking every night that we can. In the past week and a half we have gone six times. We are hoping that this becomes part of our routine so that it does not fade away.

-Richard headed to DC while I headed south for an engagement party with friends.

-I finally finished and hung my map project. I love the way it looks in its new spot.

Work last month was a little crazy so blogging sort of fell apart. I have a few project that I am still hoping to share and I am definitely looking forward to next month. May felt so far away back in October but now it is here and I am super excited for everything to come!

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