Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Update on Tuesday

Yesterday I just really did not feel like writing. So here is our weekend update on a Tuesday.

We started our Friday by heading out to a baseball game at Richard's school with a group of friends. The game itself was pretty boring but the weather was perfect and it felt good to sit outside.
After the game, we headed to our favorite place, Dawg House, to eat some delicious food with our friends. Then we headed over to a friends house just to hang out and enjoy each other's company.

I woke up Saturday morning to go get a massage from a local place as part of my Christmas present from my dad. I have never been before but I really enjoyed it. My back and neck hurt all the time from sitting at a desk all day so it felt good to have my muscles relax.
I went home to make lunch and I went to make my usual weekend food, mac and cheese. And then I accidentally turned on the wrong burner and one of our pots was sitting on the burner and before I realized it the pot was ruined. I seriously do this all the time because the stove is backwards and I do not understand it. So if you are ever curious what happens to an empty pot when you turn the burner on high, here it is. Thankfully there was a serial number on the bottom and we found almost the exact same pot on Amazon so it still matches the rest of our cookware.
We also headed out for the best date food you can find, Chick-fil-A, before going to see the movie Divergent. I have read all the books so I was excited to see it and Richard keeps asking me all kinds of question about it that I refuse to answer.
Then we hung out with some friends and stayed out way too late, hence, why I was so tired yesterday. But we had a good time so that is all that matters.

I did not accomplish as much as I should have on Sunday because I was tired and did not feel like cleaning. But I did finish a few projects I have been meaning to do for a while so at least I have that. I also got to cross off another thing from my 101 things in 1001 Days list by learning how to check the air in my car tires. Thanks to the hubs for helping me with that.

So that was our weekend. It always goes by far too quickly and I am never ready to return to work on Monday morning. Although we go to Hawaii in 52 days so I guess time going quick is not such a bad thing. Is it too early to start counting down?

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