Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Smoothie Attempt #2

Going way back to Mardi Gras, when we were driving down to Baton Rouge I was talking to my Aunt about healthy eating. She was very knowledgeable and we talked about all the things she has learned. Somehow the conversation came up about making smoothies for breakfast and I was inspired to try to do that again. I had attempted a few months back to make smoothies in the morning but it was a total fail and I never tried again. I try to eat healthy during my work day, but I always skipped breakfast which is definitely not healthy. Enter smoothies.

I decided a few weeks ago to go ahead with the smoothie making. I figured that I could make little smoothie packs that I would freeze so that they were easy to grab in the morning. Then I could put all my ingredients in my blender and go. We have a Bella Rocket that is basically a knock off from the bullet and we love it! I used the blending cup as a measuring guide to figure out how much fruit/veggies I should use in my smoothie packs. I put blueberries, blackberries, sliced strawberries, a small cut-up banana and as much spinach that would fit into a plastic baggie that I then froze. Make sure to have your fruit in smaller pieces so that it is easier on the blender.
Once my smoothie packs were ready to go I was able to attempt to make one before work. And the first try was a disaster. To make a smoothies all I needed to do was put my smoothie pack in the blender and add a liquid of choice, which this time was almond milk. But I did not add enough liquid which made it really hard to blend my ingredients. I kept adding more and it was not working. I finally got it to the point where it was drinkable and put it in my turvis cup and went to work. Well, I did not like that smoothie at all. It was far too bland for me and basically tasted like almond milk. So I knew I needed to find a different liquid to make it work.

Attempt #2 was a success.
I bought orange-mango-peach juice to attempt to make smoothies for a second time. This time I put all my fruit/veggies into the cup for blending and filled up entire cup with juice. All the ingredient blended together into the most perfect smoothie. It took me half the time to make it and it tasted ten times better. For those of you curious about the spinach, I swear on my life that you cannot taste it. And coming from the pickiest eater in the world it should mean a lot. I even made my coworker taste it because she was skeptical about the spinach and she agreed that you cannot taste it. So you get an extra serving of veggies for the day without having to taste it. Win.
In the future I think I am going to experiment a little and maybe add some flax seed since that is super healthy or some greek yogurt for some extra protein. I really like this idea though because, for most of the fruit in the smoothie, I like the flavor but I don't like to eat on its own. So I am able to get more variety of fruit/veggies in my diet and am actually able to enjoy them.

So that is my successful smoothie making adventure and I am super excited to keep this up!

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  1. I have yet to convince my husband to try green smoothies even though I tell him "All the bloggers swear that you can't taste the veggies!" :P

  2. buy frozen spinach, it is cheaper :) we make a smoothie everyday, and use yogurt, fruit/ spanich, flax, OJ and almond milk! always a success :)


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