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Mardi Gras | Part Two

I covered the first part of our trip to Mardi Gras yesterday so now we are on to part two!

Saturday morning we woke up really early and headed down from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. After finding parking and our way around, we headed towards the parade route that we were planning on seeing later that day. We found out that you can buy tickets for reserved seating on some bleachers to watch the parade. That seemed like the best idea for all since we could have our spot reserved plus a place to sit. My Aunt Jean and Uncle Larry decided to sit on the bleachers while the rest of us wanted to walk around. The seven of us started by doing jello shots at 9:30 in the morning.
We walked around for a while and had planned on returning for the parade that started at 11. But we found out from some other people that had been sitting with my aunt and uncle that the parade would not go by our seats until about 2 in the afternoon and it was only 10 at this point. And since we were a block away form Bourbon street we decided to go explore that way and my Aunt and Uncle that had been sitting there went on a historical carriage ride around the French quarter. While we were walking around we saw these ladders that were for some serious Mardi Gras-ers. They had a box attached at the top where the younger kids could be strapped in to watch the parade. It was fun to see how many there were.
So then seven of us walked down Burboun street to see what it was all about. Since it was still pretty early in the morning there was not a whole lot of crazy happening but it was fun to see Bourbon either way.
While we were walking we looked through some shops and of course we  got drinks. We stopped in to get hand grenades which is a typical New Orleans drink. We also saw Pat O'Briens which is a famous for their "hurricane" drink.
After Bourbon, we headed over to Jackson Square where they have a bunch of artists that sit out and they have the cathedral and Cafe Du Monde. Cafe Du Monde has the beignets  but they were far too busy for us to see at that point.
By the time we got here we decided we should start heading back towards the parade so that we would have time to get food from some of the street vendors along the way.

Once we got back, we staked out our spot for the parade along the barricade so that we had the best view. And we had to entertain ourselves a little before the parade started.
The parade itself was pretty fantastic. You would think that as an adult parades would not be fun anymore but it really was. At these parades they pretty much just throw a bunch of different kinds of beads. As the parade went on we were all competing for the best beads. Jeremy and Richard usually got the good beads because they are tall and could catch them easier. There was even one point where a float stopped in front of us and this lady was trying to throw beads at Richard and each time she threw them my dad would stop up on the barricade and snatch them. That happened three time before Richard actually caught the beads. By the end of the parade we had so many beads that our neck hurt from the weight of all the beads.
There was another parade that came through about an hour later but we were all so tired and hot that we mostly just hung out on the bleachers to recover a bit.

After that we headed close to Bourbon street to eat dinner at a place called The Royal House. Their food was delicious and everyone was happy trying the different Louisiana cuisine.

By that time it was dark out and we headed to Bourbon just to see how crazy it was. It was pretty crowded but it was still early so it was not too bad.
After that we pretty much just walked around a little more, met up with our friends from Richard's program to say hi and then the parents headed back to the hotel. Us cousins went to a casino for about an hour before we had lost enough money to call it a day and then we headed back to the hotel.

Some other things that were noteworthy form our trip:
-We got a tour of the bridges and cemeteries on the way down to New Orleans.
-There may have been some mooning as the cousin car passed the parent car on the way to Baton Rouge.
-My uncle got a ticket for driving in the left lane because in Louisiana it is considered a passing lane. Even though there were a bunch of cars around and we were passing them. But he had Minnesota licence plates so they basically just stopped us because they could. It was a running joke for the rest of the trip though.

This weekend was so much fun that I am sad that it is over. We crammed so much stuff into those two days and it was awesome! It was nice to have some one-on-one time with my cousin and his fiance since we rarely get to see them and it had been almost two years since the last time we saw them. And we were surprised by how not crazy New Orleans was during Mardi Gras. The way people talked about it before we got there made it seem like it was going to be a lot worse than it was. I am glad that we were able to cross that off our list of things we want to do while we live in the state of Louisiana!

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