Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mardi Gras | Part One

This past weekend we headed down to New Orleans and Baton Rouge to celebrate Mardi Gras. Back when Richard and I first found out we were moving to Louisiana, my aunt and uncle told us they wanted to come down to visit and go to Mardi Gras. We decided last September that 2014 would be the year. We invited family members to join us and we ended up with a group of nine of us- Richard and I, my dad, my aunt and uncle, their son and his fiance, and another aunt and uncle.

Everyone arrived in our part of Louisiana on Thursday. I left work and picked up my Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike at the airport. When I got there, they were already wearing their Mardi Gras masks that they had bought for the trip. We decided to go straight to a restaurant so that our family could try some Louisiana cuisine. My Aunt Jean, Uncle Larry, my dad and Richard were already waiting when we walked in with our masks on and when they saw us we all started cheering and whistling and were so loud that everyone in the restaurant looked at us. That is a pretty typical occurrence when you hang out with my family; we do loud really well.
We introduced them all to crawfish and other typical Louisiana foods like gumbo and po-boys. They all really enjoyed the food and we had a great time at dinner.
After dinner, we went and picked up Mary and Mike's son Jeremy and his fiance Nicole. They were greeted by masked parents in the airport.
We then came back to our apartment where we planned out our trip and we enjoyed king cake. King cake is a typical food served during Mardi Gras so of course we had to pick one up. We got a chocolate and cream cheese and they were delicious.
The next morning we started our day early by making beignets from a mix that my coworker gave me. They are a french donut that is typically served in New Orleans.
Then we had to stop at Duck Commander since it is so close. My cousin watches this show regularly and he was really excited to see it. He said we made his trip by being able to stop there and check it out. And I continued my tradition of having a picture of everyone who visits us get their picture taken in front of the duck commander sign.
Then we headed south to Baton Rouge where we would be staying. Along the way Uncle Mike requested a clean restroom so we found this gas station and then we stopped for food at a mexican restaurant.
Once we got to Baton Rouge and checked into our hotel, we decided to go hang out at a bar where we could get drinks and dinner and sit outside on the patio. The bar we picked was called The Bulldog and it was an amazing bar. They had every kind of beer you could think of on tap and the patio had heaters and a fire since it was a little chilly. They even allowed dogs on the patio which was fun. The water fountain outside was fun too since it was made of old beer taps. Oh and btw my uncle and cousin are about a foot and three inches taller than me, but you cannot tell so we are good.
We then headed over to the local parade so that they could experience what a typical Mardi Gras parade looked like.
Whew, hopefully you made it this far. Long post. Sorry-not-sorry. That was the first day and a half of our trip and we have more to come tomorrow!
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