Thursday, March 20, 2014

March's Past

Welcome back to my life before the 'ole blog. I really enjoy looking back at all the fun and exciting things that we have done. So here is what we were doing in March's past.

March 2009
-I moved in with my older sister and her husband in their new townhouse. I lived with them for three years.
-We went to Vermont for a few days over Spring Break. We visited my Aunt's sister who is not technically my aunt but close enough. We love their family and my Aunt and Uncle were even able to come to Vermont while we were there. We went skiing at Stowe Mountain and since it was early spring the snow was really heavy and we had some troubles adjusting at first. But we found a run that we really loved and it was amazing. Mountain skiing is so much better than skiing in Minnesota. The little one who went skiing with us is Ada-Grace and she also happened to be our flower girl for our wedding. Such a sweetie.
Funny story about that trip is that we had a layover in Chicago and we ate lunch and both ended up getting food poisoning. The first two days of our trip was rough and we were only there for five days total. But we made it through and still had a good time.

March 2010
-One of my best friends was in a beauty pageant so we went to see her there.
-I asked my girls to be bridesmaids by framing a picture of us along with a poem about being a bridesmaid. We are only missing my friend Tiffany (she was the one in the pageant) because she was not able to make it that night. I also asked my older sister to be my matron of honor.
-We took our first set of engagement pictures in downtown St. Paul. We had a friend of a friend take them and I was not super thrilled with the result. There were a few good images, but we paid for all of them and she gave us all of the ones she edited. So there were a few that I wanted that she ended up not editing. We had some taken later too so it ended up working out.

March 2011
-We were deep into wedding planning and went to a workshop that our venue was hosting and we were able to find a bunch of vendors that we still needed for our big day.
-We made our first adult purchase together and bought a new-to-us car, a Ford Focus. We sold my mini-van that my parents so generously gave to me because what 20 year old wants a mini-van.
-We drove our brand new car all the way to Kentucky to visit Richard's grandparents. While we were there we did a bunch of antique shopping for things for our house that we were still waiting to hear back on. We left with a car full of stuff from his grandparents and stuff that we had purchased while we were there.
I love this picture of us. Look at Richard's bright blue eyes- I hope our children get those eyes. And my hair gets longer and longer the closer we get to the wedding.
Packing all of the stuff we acquired. All that in the background is ours too.
We also visited the Maker's Mark distillery that was close by and Richard was in love. Bourbon is kind of his thing.

March 2012
-We found out that we were officially moving to Louisiana and started the long and stressful process of finding a place to live. One of the many things that did not go well with our move.
-Since we found out we were moving, we went into hyper-drive when it came to hanging out with our friends. Had to fit it all in before we left for three plus years.
-I found out that I was going to be an Aunt for the first time! My sister announced it by inviting us to a party that was for her husband's birthday/graduation so both our family and his family was there. Then she gave us each a present to open and it was a book to announce that we were going to be aunts/unlces/grandmas/grandpas! Super cute.

Good gosh that is a lot that happened in March. Apparently this is a much more interesting month than February. There you have it, everything that we did in March.

To see March 2013 go here.

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  1. You have done a lot of things in a lot of Marches! :P That would take a lot of remembering, for me, just to think of what happened when! March is kind of a big month for us--it's when my husband and I became official 4 years ago!


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