Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Letters

Dear Paisley We have found your new favorite spot- the field next to our apartment. It has been so nice lately that we have spent some time after work chasing tennis balls and you love it! But you are usually too tired to move after about 10 minutes. You need to get in shape girl. Dear Husband You are constantly amazing me and you have no idea how much you mean to me. Keep up the good work! Dear Smoothie You and I struggled this morning and then once I got it right you were not very tasty. But I learned what I need to do for next time so hopefully I can get in some extra fruits and veggies in the morning starting next week. Dear Spring I am glad that you arrived. But I am not looking forward to Summer just yet so stick a round for a while please.
Dear Frozen you were such a good movie that I now understand what all the hype was about. Since we watched you during the week we may have to watch it again this weekend so that we can pay better attention. No more studying while we watch this time. Dear Baby Sister I need you to come back from Honduras ASAP. I am used to your constant entertainment at work and you also have quite a few messages waiting for you when you get back. Dear Minnesota Two more weeks until I will be visiting you! Yay! Which also means only two more weeks until my birthday :) Dear Weekend I am ready to get my craftiness on. I need to finish some projects that have been on my brain. Hopefully I can be more efficient than I have been this week.

Have a good weekend!
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