Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brain Dump

This has nothing to do with this post. Just the most recent picture I have.
It has been a while since I have blogged mostly because I am having troubles figuring out what I want to say. Lately, my life has not exactly been "blog-worthy". We have been doing a whole lot of nothing, which I am totally ok with. But its not the most exciting things to write about. Here are some of the smaller things we have been up to, but were not exactly worth a post.

-Richard went to Dallas last week for the first time to visit the company he is interning for. He really enjoyed his time there and was excited to be in a big city. I on the other hand was home alone and pretty much sat on my butt and ate mac and cheese more times than I should have. The luxuries of having the husband out of town.

-I talked on the phone with one of my best friends on Sunday night. It had been far too long since I had talked to her and I am so glad that we could chat and catch up. I have been really disconnected from Minnesota lately and it is weird that I have not really noticed.

-I have a trip planned back to Minnesota right after my birthday in April! It is only 3 short weeks away and I am super excited. I have not been home since Thanksgiving so it is time to head back. My little nephew has grown up so much in the last 4 months and he is walking and everything. I can't wait to see that.

-I have some photography sessions planned while I am back in Minnesota. I am still working on the class I paid for, but I have not been motivated. I need to find some motivation.

-It has been over a month since the last time we hung out with our friends here in Louisiana and it is a little strange. I am grateful for the time with my husband, but we really need to hang out with them soon.

-I was all excited to do a post on my photobook that I designed, but it arrived last week and two of the pages stuck together and ripped. I was more than disappointed, but I called the company and they gave me a voucher so that I can order a new one. The crazy thing is that the pages that stuck together were the ones about my mom's funeral. It is almost a blessing in disguise because there were a few errors in the book that I can now fix and I can upgrade it a little since I was not thrilled with the quality. Thanks for looking over me mom.

-Life has been full of cleaning, organizing and dreaming about the future. It is so hard to live in the present when I keep wishing that this stage in our life was over. I just want our weekends to be full of activities and excitement instead of studying and reading. How much longer till this grad school thing is over?

- I was looking through old pictures last night from my 8th/9th grade years and could not help but laugh. I have some pretty incriminating of some of my friends that I will hold on to. Ha! Gotta love those times in life.

I can't believe how quickly the last two weeks have gone. I guess I am still recovering from our epic Mardi Gras weekend. Here is to getting back into my normal routine so that life feels a little more on track! I have enjoyed my little break from everything that has been going on, but hopefully things will start to feel a little less crazy.

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  1. That's really too bad about the pages in the photobook sticking and ripping! Hopefully the next one turns out much better!


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