Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Update | Super Bowl

Well this weekend went by super fast because we were crazy busy. And now I am super tired. Early bedtime tonight.

We went out for dinner and drinks with some friends at a place called Dawg House. Seriously love that place. And the nachos? To die for.

We spent the day getting stuff done at home and had to go grocery shopping since the Super Bowl was on Sunday. For dinner, we went out with friends to a hibachi and sushi restaurant. Even though I am not a fan of the food, it is a fun experience to eat dinner there.

After dinner we hung out for a bit and then went dancing. We took some pictures there but none of them turned out. Oh well.

We headed out to a Super Bowl party really early so that Richard and Dave could get started on the deep frying right away. They decided to deep fry a turkey this year. Since they had the deep fryer already going the boys started by deep frying a bunch of different things. Oreos, cookies, chicken, sausage, cookies and sausage together, uncrustable pb&j sandwiches. Pretty much everything they could think of. And most of the people really enjoyed it.

There was a whole bunch of other food there and it was delicious. I especially loved the cookies. And true to form Richard fell asleep in the chair during the game.

This weekend was full of friends and food. Can't say I would want it any other way. But I think I need to eat super healthy this week to make up for this last weekend.

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