Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Update | Efficient

This weekend was packed as full as it could get. Not so much with activities like last weekend, but full of time spent with my husband as well as getting a whole lot of things done.

We started out by having a relaxing night just the two of us. We had a code for a free redbox movie so we rented Captain Phillips. It was a pretty good movie and since I do not follow the news I did not know how it ended (it was based on a true story) so it made it more interesting.

We woke up early Saturday morning so that we could drive the hour and a half to Shreveport so I could get my fingerprints taken. We had to be there at 9:30 so it was an early morning for us. After that we went shopping at LOFT, where they had a lot of really good clearance in my size. This is one of those time where I love my size because I always have great luck with clearance racks. I spent way too much, but I averaged about $20 an item which is awesome because that includes dress pants for work, jeans, sweaters, tank tops, a button up shirt and a blazer. Not too shabby.

We then headed to lunch at a Mexican restaurant that Richard found. We are shameful because we also went out for Mexican food as a lunch date on Friday. Oh well. Love me some nachos.
From our lunch date on Friday
Then we headed back home and stopped to get an oil change and went to Lowe's where I bought supplies for my upcoming project! I am so excited about this project, more to come later!

Then we went and played tennis. This was the first time for me and I am terrible. But I promised the hubs that I would go again since he really wants to start doing this more often.

We then got pizza for dinner and snuggled up to watch another movie, this time Ocean's Eleven. And my little cutie puppy decided to join us as well.

Sunday was a get-everything-done day. I am super impressed with myself and how much I was able to accomplish. I worked all day, and when I say all day I really mean 12+ hours, getting our house in shape. I cleaned, organized, folded about 10 loads of laundry and washed another 4, went grocery shopping, scrubbed down the kitchen, put away all the clothes, organized the pantry, cooked dinner, cut up fruit for the week, picked out clothes for the week and put away all of our winter decor, put back all of our regular decor and put out some Mardi Gras decor. 

Five boxes worth of winter decor. I have issues ha!
So this weekend was full of accomplishing everything on our to-do list! It felt really good to get so much stuff done. I am happy to say that my goal of February being a month where I finally get off my butt and get stuff done is going great so far! Now I can finally keep up with the day to day cleaning and have time to do my projects that I have in mind! As you can see I am so excited!
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