Friday, February 21, 2014

Taking Stock

I was reading one of my really good friend Heather's blog  and she inspired me to join in the fun by answering these questions. It was harder to think of things than I thought but it is a fun little exercise for me!

making: A photobook on my computer. And I need to be done by Tuesday. Ah!

cooking: A lot of crockpot meals. I love how easy they are.

drinking: Lots and lots of water. I have been keeping up with my goal!

reading: The second book of the Divergent series. If you have not read these yet you need to ASAP!

wanting: More time at home so that I can cross things off my to-do list.

looking: For more inspiration on pinterest for idea around the house. Just little updates here and there.

sewing: Nothing. But wishing I had the confidence to try something.

wishing: I could sleep better at night. Tossing and turning is never fun.

enjoying: Working out with my husband. Operation get healthy is in full effect!

waiting: For it to be April so I can see my family again. 5 months without them is too long.

liking: That I have been keeping busy. It is nice to feel busy instead of lonely.

wondering: What the future holds for us. It is so hard for me to not know what may happen in the next year.

loving: All the time I have spent with my husband in the last month.

hoping: That I have a productive weekend. So much to get done!

marveling: At how quickly time goes by. I still can't believe we have been in Louisiana for a year and a half!

smelling: Hot Chocolate. Probably because it is what I am drinking.

needing: To buy a gift for a baby shower I am going to tomorrow. Nothing like last minute shopping.

wearing: Jeans, heels, a tank top and a cardigan. Love casual Fridays.

following: Too many TV shows.

noticing: How slow my work day goes, but how quick my evening are. Wish it was the other way around.

knowing: That I need to keep working to achieve my monthly goals.

thinking: About all our plans this year. It is going to be a busy year!

bookmarking: Recipes to try. Sometimes I wish I liked a larger variety of food.

opening: A can of paint. I have to keep working on my project.

giggling: At my puppy. She brings me so much joy.

feeling: Excited to celebrate Mardi Gras next weekend! I'm excited for some extended family to come visit us!

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