Thursday, February 13, 2014


For the past two days, my husband has been off school and I had off work yesterday and was told to come in late on Tuesday. I find it funny when schools around here cancel for the day when there are snow flurries predicted and then never come. But this time an ice storm was predicted so it was different. I can drive in 2 feet of snow, but driving in ice is never fun, especially in the state of Louisiana where they are known for having the worst drivers. True story.

The storm was predicted to start Monday night and last until Wednesday morning. So schools cancelled for Tuesday and I was told to go to work at 10 am. We woke up Tuesday morning to find out that the roads were dry and there was no ice to be found. So I made it into work just fine and Richard stayed at home even thought there was no issue. I kept a close eye on the weather throughout the day and it looked like the ice was supposed to start up again around 6. I got home Tuesday evening from work around 5 and picked Richard up so we could run to Walmart. As soon as we pulled away from our house, it started sleeting. A lot. We got to Walmart and I told my husband that we could just turn around a go home if we wanted to. He said it would be fine. We walked about a foot from our car towards Walmart and changed our minds. The parking lot was already getting slippery after 5 minutes of sleet. So back home we went.

We got home and decided to go work out using the equipment our apartment complex provides. It had not been more than a half hour of sleet and our stairs that lead to our second floor apartment already had a layer of ice on them. We continued on with our night and at this point I was supposed to report at work the next morning. I was hoping that they would delay work again because this time it was actually needed. I got notice at 11 pm that work was delayed until noon when my sweet friend texted me saying that there was an email sent out. That made me relax a little.

I woke up the next morning to let the puppy out and there was ice everywhere. All the cars were covered. Our stairs had about an inch of ice on them. The grass was crunchy when you walked on it. My poor puppy did not understand what was going on and practically slid down the steps. And then she stepped on the ice covered grass and freaked out and turned around and started to run back up the stairs. So I had to force back down the steps and show her the area under the stairs that was the only non-ice-covered spot for her to do her business.
Around about 11 I got notice from work that they had cancelled work for the remainder of the day. And I was super grateful since I was hoping to not have leave my house at all. So I had the rest of the day to spend at home with my husband and have no where to go. It was glorious. We went outside in the afternoon and Richard took a screwdrier and chiseled away the ice on our steps so that no one would end up hurt. We have an older woman who lives next to us that we share steps with and he wanted to make sure she did not get hurt and that the dog could get down the steps.
This morning it took me 50 minutes to get to work when it normally takes 15 minutes without traffic. It took me 30 minutes to drive 2 miles on the interstate I think because of an accident, but it was cleared by the time I got there. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that my heat in my car only works when I am moving. So I was freezing cold sitting in traffic. There was hardly any ice on the roads this morning, but I am not surprised that there was an accident. On the plus side for me, it is pretty hard to slip on ice when you are only going 10 mph.

But the ice covered trees sure do look pretty!
And I am pretty sure all this ice will be gone by the end of the day today. It is supposed to be 50 degrees today and in the 70's by next week! So don't worry about us, we will be fine!
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  1. That's some serious ice! Glad you were able to stay safe!


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