Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February's Past

I started this last month, where I will look back through the years month by month. So here is what we were up to in all the February's past!

February 2009
-I started looking for a job as a nanny to work starting in the summer.
-My little sister started playing softball at the high school and needed a temporary replacement for her preschool job. Since I worked there before I moved to college, I offered to fill in. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I had a later class in Minneapolis and could not get there in time so my mom would pick me up from college to bring me back to my home town to work. She did this twice a week for 3 months.
-We celebrated Valentine's day for pretty much the only time in our relationship. Not a fan. But we celebrated by Richard making me dinner that we enjoyed together. And when you are 18/19 years old and not living together it is considered a date.
-We went to Afton Alps, which is a local ski resort. We went to make sure we both remembered how to ski for our upcoming trip to Vermont.

February 2010
-School was pretty busy during this time so not a whole lot happened.
-We did go with Richard's family to The Hot Air Affair in Richard's home town. They put this on every year in the winter where they have a bunch of hot air balloons that all sail (do hot air balloons sail?) off together. It is always so colorful.
-I also found this picture of Paisley playing in all the snow.

February 2011
- I do not have a single picture from this month. Well I do have pictures, but they are of a house that I babysat for because they had some fun decor. So apparently I did a lot of babysitting this month.
-I was also deep into wedding planning. We had a meeting with a florist where they quoted us at close to three times our budget for flowers. I am so glad we made the wise decision to not go with her.

February 2012
-My life was consumed with studying for my Actuary exam. All day every day.
-And I found these pictures. Not sure what we were doing but I thought they were cute.

And February 2013 can be found here!

So February is not the most exciting month because it was usually deep into the semester so it was focused on school. But I am still glad I am doing this because I am so far behind on my scrapbooking that I am forgetting what was happening in my life. It is fun to look back and see!

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  1. The Hot Air Affair looks like so much fun! So many pretty colors!


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