Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals

I love my goal posts. It keeps me motivated to get things done. And I like knowing what I am working towards each month. I did not do a goal post last month, since it was right after Christmas and I just needed a break. But I felt super lazy all month long. I am finally caught up watching How I Met Your Mother and I am hoping to not start any new shows. They always suck me in and then I get nothing done. But not this month. This month I will be getting stuff done!

February Goals
-Eat no Junk Food for a Month. I am usually pretty good about this but lately we have had a lot of sweets in our house so I have been craving them. Well I am fighting that urge and not eating junk food all moth.
-Take a Photography Class. I have been wanting to take one for a while but since I was not spending money in January I put it off. I will be taking one this month for sure.
-Stick to a Cleaning Schedule. I created a schedule when I made my household binder and I stuck to it for about three days. Well now I want to keep up with it so that my house can continue to be clean.
-Exercise Three Times a Week. I have really been in a slump ever since it started getting dark so early. I can't go on a walk after work if its already dark outside. But I am hoping to utilize different types of exercise this month so that I can keep working out.
-Gather Tax Information. I hate taxes. Such a pain in the butt. But if I don't force myself to do it, it will take forever like it did last year. I think it was July when we finally had everything processed. Stupid taxes.
-Limit TV Watching. Speaking of not watching TV. I am hoping to find other things to fill my time than TV. I have a few shows that I watch that are in the middle of their seasons. But that limits me to one episode per week for each of my shows that I usually watch on Hulu. I like Hulu because I can watch my current shows when I have time to instead of when they are playing on TV. And that is all I hope to watch this month. This way I have no more excuses.
-Finish One Pinterest Project. I have not done anything crafty in a while. I need to do something creative really bad. I am not sure what yet, but it is going to happen.

Whew, that is a lot of goals. But I am confident that I can do it!

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  1. I love love your goal list! I've got to get back to exercising as well!

  2. Alecia, I am so glad you linked up with us. I have my taxes on my list this month too. I don't like gathering up all the not so fun stuff but it is nice when we get a little bit in return. I will make sure you do your pinterest project if you make sure I do mine. haha Have a great day!

  3. Maybe I should just copy your list (ok, minus the pinterest and photo class, just not sure I could fit them in!). You go girl!

  4. I am in LOVE with your household binder! Something that needs to go on my to-do list, for sure!


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