Thursday, January 30, 2014

Photo An Hour

Today I am participating in a link up with Southern Mess and Meg O. on the Go where I took a photo every hour on Sunday. So here's a peak into my life.

After a late night on Saturday, I finally roll out of bed to let the puppy go to the bathroom. And am super thankful that she let me sleep in past 9.

After turning on the wrong burner for twenty minutes (happens all. the. time.) I finally am making macaroni and cheese for the third time this weekend. I am obsessed.

Eating lunch while watching How I Met Your Mother. I am glad I am almost done with the show because it has consumed my life.

Paisley joins me in my laziness on the couch.

I convince my husband to go on a walk with me. It was 60 degrees so we had to get out of the house.

I try to win the battle of the never ending pile of laundry. I have no idea how two people can create so much laundry.

I start making a grocery list while trying to figure out what meals we will be making this week. I get creative because we are trying to stay in our budget since we have a spending freeze in place.

After grocery shopping, We come home and I start making dinner right away. We always end up going grocery shopping later than intended which pushes back dinner.

After eating dinner, we eat our two different kinds of ice cream. We usually get ice cream at Walmart, but this was from Brookshire's so its not my favorite flavor but it still hits the spot.

I start cutting up fruit for the week ahead of me. I eat fruit and a salad for lunch every day so I like to cut fruit on Sundays and put it in individual containers so they are easy to grab in the morning.

Snuggle time with my husband is my favorite. Even if he has to work on school stuff while he sits with me. Life of a wife married to a student in a graduate program.

And now its time for bed. I always read to help me fall asleep. And those fleece sheets are super warm since we hardly even turn the heat on in our house.

So that is my typical Sunday. Can't say I mind it.

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  1. Paisley is so cute!!! I wish I were a bedtime reader, but every time I try it helps me fall asleep a little *too* fast!

  2. Dang, I long for those days that I could actually sleep in past 8 am, let alone 9! Why must my kid insist on waking up at 7:30? Haha!!! And cookies and cream ice cream is totally my fave. Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Girl, you and I have the same life! My hubby is in Grad School as well and I swear I see the back of his computer screen more than his face :)


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