Thursday, January 9, 2014

January's Past

I saw this idea on someone else's blog and I love the idea! Since I started blogging only about a year ago I have so much that happened pre-blog. I wanted to share some of those stories. I figured the easiest way is to share the past month by month. So this will be the start of that monthly post. So here is January 2009 to January 2012.

January 2009
-I started my second semester of college.
-I moved out of my dorm room (another story for another day).
-Richard and I went sledding in my parents back yard and made snow angels.

-And I found this gem from when the three of us went out for a coffee date.

January 2010
-I started working at the YMCA at their before and after school program.
-Started wedding planning (we got engaged December of 2009).
-And this was probably the most exciting January because we went to Puerto Rico with my family.
We had quite the rough start when our plane's pipes froze when they were getting the plane ready to leave. Which delayed us and we missed our connection and we ended up getting to where we were staying at like 3 in the morning after almost 24 hours of travel. We stayed at my mom's cousin's house and it was beautiful and on the water.

We spent a lot of time on the beach.

My little sister, my husband (then fiance) and my brother-in-law almost got themselves killed and my sister still has the scars to show it. And then she passed out on the beach. One of the scariest moments of my life so it is hard for me to tell the full story.

We visited a rain-forest and they told us it is the only rain-forest within the United states since Puerto Rico is a territory of the US.

While we were in the rain-forest we visited a waterfall. And the water was so cold that it literally took your breath away.

My dad, Richard and I went horseback riding along the ocean. And the horses galloped along the beach and it was scary yet fun.

And my sister and I started doing this thing where we would put my camera on burst shooting so it would take a bunch of pictures all at once and we would make faces and it always ended with us laughing hysterically.

And then whenever we got bored we would just take pictures like these on the plane ride home. This one is the "pretend you are sleeping" "Just kidding"

And this picture is just the definition of our relationship.

January 2011
-We started house shopping for the first time and bid on our first house (you will find out later that it took 3+ months for us to hear a response).

-We did a whole lot of wedding planning this month as the date quickly approached.
-I started a new job with a math tutoring company called Mathnasium. This job made me realize that I need to be a math teacher.
Me and my awesome work shirt
January 2012
-I finished all of my coursework for college, but missed the winter graduation deadline by about a week.
-I signed up to take my first Actuary Math exam (what I went to school for) and therefore signed the next 4 months of my life away to studying. No joke.
-This must have been when we started letting Paisley puppy up on our couches. I love her face in this picture and it was taken in our house. Tear.

-We hung out with our good friends for drinks and food at the Wild Onion.

And if you are interested to see January 2013 go here because that was not pre-blog!

It is funny to see how we change through the years. Hope you enjoyed!
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