Friday, January 24, 2014

High Five For Friday

It's Friday! Fridays are always amazing. Jeans day at work plus its the first day of the Weekend and who doesn't love that? Well this week has been pretty good. So here we are for High Five For Friday!

1. Since I passed my insurance exam this past weekend, the person who is helping me get into the business bought us pizza to celebrate! When I got to the pizza place she surprised me by also ordering an apple pie and 8 bbq wings. Yum!

2. I finally bought my plane tickets to go back to Minnesota this spring! I will be leaving Louisiana the day after my birthday and spending a long weekend in Minnesota! Yay! I will be there for three full days and I can't wait to celebrate and maybe even take some pictures!

3. This little girl gave me quite a scare this week. After we ate our bbq wings, Paisley decided to eat the chicken bones while we slept. She is fine now and has not acted weird at all this week, but I was a little nervous on Tuesday.

4. My friend Kristen took a day off this week so she stopped in with her two kids to visit. So I got to see this little guy again! I met Kristen when she first found out she was pregnant so it has been fun to watch this little guy get big.

5. And yesterday I got to witness something that does not happen much around here. It snowed! Granted it was hardly anything and you could not even tell it snowed an hour later but still it was fun to see. And whenever it snows in these parts it is all that people can talk about.

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  1. pups, pizza and travel...does it get any better!? love it! happy friday, gorgeous!!! xx

  2. Visiting from H54F! Hooray for passing your exam & for celebratory Papa John's too! :)


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