Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend Update | Shopping

This weekend was chill but busy at the same time. Is that even possible?

I decided on Friday to jump into my photography business. I purchased a website and I have been designing it all. weekend. long. But it is exciting and I cannot wait until I am done with it so I can share it! But it may take me some time- who knew it would take forever to design a website? I worked on it both Friday and Sunday and I am no where near done. Oh well, I will get there.

This weekend started with Richard coming to visit me for a lunch date while I worked. We went to a local mexican restaurant that is delicious. I told Richard I was taking this picture and this is the pose he gave me. Interesting.

Saturday we woke up early and headed down to Baton Rouge. I really like shopping down there. They have a lot of stores all within a small area. Plus, it has more of a city feel so we love it. And the three and a half hour drive goes quickly when you have good company.

I scored a lot of really great stuff. I got almost all of the clothes at Loft Outlet. Love that store to death. It is pretty much the main reason we went to Baton Rouge. They have a petite section (because let's face it I am not even five feet tall) and the clothes there actually fit me! Basically every shirt I tried on was perfect, the shoulders on the shirt actually fell on my shoulder. Seriously, I did not know that is how clothes are supposed to fit. Does anyone else have this problem? I even bought two dresses and the waist and length are exactly where they should be. You can see that I am very excited about this.

I bought three paris of shoes at DSW and the last pair at Naturalizer. Three tank tops, two dresses, two shirts and a pair of jeans at Loft. Two pairs of shorts from Banana Republic. All of those stores are not to be found within two hours of my house. We are deprived. And everything was on sale so I got some great deals.

We also went to Charming Charlie's where I got a bunch of really  cute jewelry and two scarves. This is the best accessory store that I know of. I have not checked out the one that just opened by us yet, but I am sure it is amazing.

Richard mostly just tagged along with me since he only wanted to go to World Market and Chipotle.

Sunday was spent editing pictures, more website design and watching football. And of course Richard is excited that the Packers are in the playoffs. So we will see how that goes.

I had a really fun weekend and loved my retail therapy and time spent with my husband. Now I will not purchase clothing for a very long time. Or maybe just a few weeks.

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