Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Update | Fun Before Break

With Christmas approaching quickly, this weekend was full of spending time with friends before they all leave for Christmas break. We will be staying put for Christmas which I do not mind too much because it is special time with my husband and we can take advantage of our time off.

We met up with some friends on Friday for pizza and drinks. There is a restaurant in town called Roma that has specials so we went and enjoyed some great pizza. After that we went to a place called Dawg House. We played pool which I am terrible at, but it was still a good time.

As I mentioned on Friday, Saturday was my mom's birthday. I was worried about it all week, afraid of how I would react to it. All things considered I think I did really well. I cried a few times but I kept myself so busy that I tried not to think about it too much.

Richard and I started out the day by going to Antique Alley, a strip of antique stores in the city we live.

 I was hoping to find some cute Christmas-y stuff and some gifts for friends. But we had no luck and I was super disappointed. They did have this super cool village in the window of one of the stores. This picture is only like a third of what they had but I could not get a good picture. Growing up we had a village like this so I was totally in love when I saw this.

But I knew there was an event happening just across the river that was supposed to be good, so I convinced my husband to go check it out. And I am super glad we did. They had all kinds of arts and crafts vendors and other home made type things for sale. We had heard that it was going to be super busy, but it really was not bad at all. We parked a few blocks away just to be safe and walked over.

And since this was called "A Commander Christmas" rumors were that the cast from duck commander were walking around. It was really confusing though because they had a look a like contest going on so everyone sort of looked alike. But then we saw all of the people from the show together talking, we knew it was them. And Si and Willie stopped to take pictures with a bunch of people so it was fun to see them. I can't say I have ever seen the show, but people back home think its cool that we live so close.

We were able to get basically all of our Christmas shopping done. Now we just have to send the gifts back to Minnesota and hope they make it there on time. They also had some really good food and Richard got pepper jack cheese filled boudin balls. They are a southern staple and I am not entirely sure what it is, but it tasted pretty good.

Back home, my sister sent me a picture of my mom's grave. She went with my mom's best friend Ashley. Ashley had called me earlier in the week to let me know she was going to visit her. Originally, she was going to celebrate my mom's birthday exactly how they had talked about it before, but it ended up not working out. I am so grateful for all the love and support from friends and family during this time. Some of my other family members went to visit her grave on her birthday too and told me they sang her happy birthday. And Ashley brought her a beer since that was my mom's favorite drink.

One of the last times I saw my mom we were having lunch at Panera Bread with my two sisters and the conversations went a little like this.

me: I gave up soda because it is not good for you.
mom: Oh, well I don't drink soda.
me: What do you drink then?
mom: Coffee and beer.

Because both of those are so good for you...Typical mom moment. 

Back to my weekend. We then headed over to a friend's house for our friend Brittani's birthday. They were serving gumbo and everybody is chowing down.

After that we headed out to the bar to celebrate. And I look really really short standing next to Claire, but in my defense she was wearing heels...but I think I was too. Oh well.

Sunday was typical. We slept in. Cleaned. Studied. Watched the Vikings win. Okay that last one isn't typical, but it was still exciting.

We also played some Mario Kart since we just bought the game. And apparently we are going to be playing this a lot more. Such a good game.

And I made Spanish Rice and Beans for dinner in honor of my mom. And I think this was the first time I made it without it getting burnt to the bottom. Win. Except I don't know how I did it so we will see if I can reproduce it.

So that was our weekend. It was a busy one, but I think it was exactly what I needed.

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