Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santaland and Holidazzle Parade

While I was home in Minnesota for Thanksgiving, we were able to celebrate Christmas as well.

I went with my sister and my nephew to Santaland. Macy's in Minneapolis has a Santaland that they put on every year. You walk through and can see what the life of an elf looks like. It is super cute and my nephew loved it. He kept pointing and was totally entranced by the display. It was fun to see his reaction.

At the end of Santa's workshop you could go get pictures taken with Santa. We visited Santa and D said hi but we did not take pictures with him. My sister was going to take him to get pictures at a different time.

The other Christmas filled activity we did was go to the Holidazzle Parade. That is a parade that they have that goes through downtown Minneapolis when it is dark. They have floats that are lit up with Christmas lights and it is so much fun to see. It gets a little cold while we wait for it to start, but I love going so I do not mind the cold.

I went with my two sisters and they both invited friends to come along. The dads of the babies were also there, but they were in the back on stroller duty so they are not pictured.

So that is the last of my trip to Minnesota. Well except for the photo sessions that I did while I was home, but I am still editing those pictures so they will come along eventually. We had a great time while we were home and being there for so long just makes me miss it even more. I am sure that soon enough we will be back there again, whether it be a visit or to move, time will only tell.

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