Thursday, December 12, 2013

November Review

Yes I realize that December is almost halfway over. And yes I realize this post is about the month of November. But since I took half of the month of November off, it lead to a lot of November posts being written in December. Oh well.

So November was a good month. Filled with lots of celebrating and Minnesota time. My favorite kind of month.

We celebrated Thanksgiving like it should be done every year....with a photo booth. My family loved it and I am so happy that I made the decision to do it.

We celebrated Richard's birthday with about five celebrations. I think we should just have declared November to be a month long celebration of his birthday because that is basically what we did.

We celebrated with our friends in Louisiana.

Then with some of our friends in Minnesota.

And then with his family with cake and ice cream in the mix as well.

We also celebrated my nephew's first birthday.

And my sister's 21st birthday (even though her actual birthday was in June).

We celebrated Christmas by going to the Holidazzle and Santaland.

And we celebrated great friendships with some amazing people.

And since it is the middle of December I am not going to make goals for this month because let's face it, I will not accomplish any of them. This time of year is too crazy so I will just review my goals from last month.

November Goals:
  • Go to a Shooting Range:  Nope. I had planned on doing this, but we could not make it work. Another month.
  • Get haircut and eyebrows waxed:  Yes I did. And I am loving it so far. Although it looked better before I got back to this crazy humidity. 
  • Celebrate Anna's 21st birthday:  As seen above this was completed finally! 
  • Eat at Noodles and Company:  I am ashamed to say how many time I ate there. 
  • Take Picture for Christmas Card:  Nope. We just ran out of time. Maybe next year.
  • Keep Car Clean for One Month:  Ha. I forgot this was even a goal. 
  • Complete One Pinterest Project:  The one I had in mind ended up not working out because of a fabric fiasco that I do not want to get into. But a lot of the stuff from baby D's party was pinterest inspired. Check it out.
I was also able to cross 4 things off my 101 things in 1001 days list so I am pretty pumped about that!

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