Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Husband You have been so fantastic this last week and it makes me so happy. You have definitely spoiled me and it makes me excited for the day you are completely done with school. Until then I will enjoy these two weeks while you are off from school. Dear Baton Rouge I am excited to visit you tomorrow. Shopping galore in a big city is exactly what I need. I am ready to visit you and all your amazing-ness. Dear Kristen Thanks for agreeing to come to my house to let Paisley puppy out while we are in Baton Rouge. Hopefully she is not to crazy for you. Dear Charming Charlie's Store Thanks for showing up in my city. I just discovered you this morning and I cannot wait to check you out. Dear Husband Thanks for putting up with my crazy this week. I know I have these super intense emotions that you do not understand, but you love me anyway. Dear Photography Session I am excited to say that we got some great pictures from you yesterday. You are my first session in Louisiana. Dear Weekend Please go by slowly so that I can enjoy you more. Even thought I know it will go too quickly.

Have a good weekend!

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