Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall Birthday Party Tutorial

Yesterday I posted about my nephew's first birthday party. We made most of the food and decorations ourselves so I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial of the different things we made.

Burlap Banner

The first thing we made was a burlap banner for his high chair.

-Burlap. I got mine from Hobby Lobby.
-Craft Paint. We chose white and we got it from Walmart
-Twine. We got ours from Walmart.
-Paper to make a template
-Hot glue gun

Then I cut a template out of the burlap for each letter. I used just plain printer paper and traced it onto the burlap. That way all my pieces were the same shape.

I repeated the tracing and cutting until I had three pieces of burlap to spell out one.

I then went to my laptop to make templates for the letters. All I did was measure how tall I wanted each letter to be on the burlap and then create those letters in Word. I used all capital letters so that they would be taller and fill a piece of paper. I then cut out around the black of the letters so that I had an outline of  my letters.

I then placed the outline of the letters on a piece of burlap and used craft paint to paint inside the letter. I made sure to keep my hand still so that the paper did not slide around too much. I then let the letters dry overnight.

I then hot glued the twine to the back of each piece of burlap so that they were all connected. We then hung up the banner on his high chair so it looked super cute.

Caramel Apple Bites

To keep with the Fall theme we wanted to do caramel apples. But we thought a whole apple would not work too well since we had a lot of people coming. So we decided to do mini caramel apple bites. These were super easy. All you need is apples, caramel and toothpicks.

We used a melon baller to make little balls of apples. I think we got about 6 or 7 balls out of each apple.

We then added a tooth pick and dipped the apples in caramel and set it on a plate. It was that easy.

Edible Acorns

These little acorns were so cute and really not too hard either. We thought they would be a fun addition to the rest of the food.

All you need is some original donut holes, frosting, sprinkles and pretzel sticks.

I then frosted about half of the donut hole and then added some sprinkles to the frosting. That way it looks like the top part of the acorn.

Then I just stick the pretzel in the top of the donut and repeated until I had enough acorns for the party.

For the rest of the food we had a chili bar with two types of chili, all the fixings, hot apple cider and cupcakes. If you want to see how the party turned out check out the pictures here. I also made a smash cake for the birthday boy but I think I will save that for a different day. This post is getting long. So that is how we pulled off an amazing fall themed first birthday party!

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