Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Don't Stop Believing

On our trip to Minnesota we did a lot of fun things. To put it all in one post would be crazy ridiculous. So there will be tidbits of information in my next few blog posts. Here is a few things we did while on vacation.

-We celebrated my little sister's 21st birthday. She turned 21 in June, but I was not able to make it home to celebrate with her. So we decided to celebrate while I was home on this trip. My dad found a band playing at a bar that played music from Stix, REO and Journey that we went to. My sisters, my husband, my dad and my sister's boyfriend all came. We invited some of our cousins, aunts and uncles to come too. I took pictures with my camera and my iPhone so they are not all the best quality.

And of course we have the obligatory shot that my cousin bought for the three of us. Anna looks a little nervous.

The best moment of the night was when the played Don't Stop Believing and we all got up and danced. Seriously love that song and it was so much fun.

-We also went as a family (Dad, sisters, husbands and boyfriend) to see Catching Fire the night before Thanksgiving. The movie was exactly what I was expecting and apparently made my husband want to read the third book.

-I also went Black Friday shopping with my sisters like we do every year. We opened up Best Buy to get two iPads. We also went to Walmart, Target, Dicks and a few stores at the mall all on Thursday night and we were done by about 9:30. Not sure how much I really like the early opening stores. Then on Friday we just did a bunch of shopping pretty much everywhere. I got a bunch of great movies that I will be able to enjoy with my husband. Can't wait.

Waiting in line outside Best Buy before it opened
-And on a not so happy note, we were able to bury my mom's ashes the day before Thanksgiving. We had spread half her ashes at Gore Mountain but we wanted the other half in Minnesota so that we would have somewhere to visit. We buried her in the same cemetery as my dad's parents and she is actually right behind them which worked out so perfectly. We invited some of my dad's family to join us and we were surprised by the number of people who were able to show up on two days notice. I am so grateful for all the love and support they have given us over the last few months. Love my family.

-The very last thing we did on our trip was hang out with some amazing friends. We (My husband, our friends Sammi and Herman and I) went over to our friends Tiffany and Mike's house that they just bought and are fixing up. We hung out, ate a lot of food and played Mario Party on the Wii. It is always a good time when we hang out with these people and it was a great way to finish our trip. And these are the best pictures I could get out of these boys.

More fun and celebrations to come!

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