Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby D's Birthday Party

My nephew turned one on October 31st. My sister decided to wait until I was in town to throw his birthday party. I had so much fun helping. These kinds of things are my favorite. Maybe I should become a party planner. Or not. We will see.

We decorated with streamers and balloons behind his high chair for when it was time for his smash cake. We also made a banner for his high chair. I am going to do a how-to post tomorrow. UPDATE: Learn how I DIY'd some of the party elements over here.

We decided to go with a fall theme for his party, which was super fun. We had a chili bar with two different kinds of chili, spicy and sweet. We then had all the fixings like sour cream, crackers, cheese, chives and noodles.

We also made these cute little acorns- made from a donut hole, chocolate frosting, sprinkles and a pretzel. Then we had caramel apples bites and cupcakes for desseert.

We also had hot apple cider and water for drinks.

Baby D was not super interested in his smash cake but we still got some cute pictures. The other kids were trying to encourage him to eat his cake.

And we have all of D's friends from the party. Getting seven kids to look all at once is not an easy task.

As we were opening presents I think D was more interested in the tissue paper than anything else.

And this is my husband who can fall asleep anywhere. But he did make some awesome chili so you cannot be too mad.

Overall the party was a success and I really enjoyed making it look so darn cute. Happy Birthday Baby D!

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