Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 in Review

This year has probably been the hardest year of my life. And if you have been around here long enough I am sure you know why. But it is nice to look back at the happy moments and try to focus on those.

-I started actually writing in this blog! I am happy to say that it has lasted and I really enjoy my little outlet.
-I headed home for my friend Heather and Chad's wedding! So much fun.
-While home in Minnesota I hung out with my sweet family.

-We celebrated our first Louisiana Mardi Gras by heading out to the parade.
-We went to a friend's house for the super bowl and my husband enjoyed deep frying some food.
-We received flat stanley in the mail and went out with some friends to have crawfish for the first time.

-We visited Shreveport for the first time and did some major shopping.
-We headed to Baton Rouge for my early birthday celebration. (My birthday is April 2)
-We hosted Easter dinner at our place.

-I went home for a long weekend while my husband was at a conference.
-Richard and I went on a date disc golfing. One of my favs from this year.
- I took my nephew's six month pictures.

-We went to Dallas to enjoy Six flags with my dad, sister and her boyfriend.
-We spent an entire week in Minnesota. This was also the last time I got to see my mom.
-While in Minnesota we went to the zoo!

-I participated in a month long linkup about our relationship. Seen herehere and here.
-We went to Peach Festival in Ruston.
-We visited Pensacola for a weekend with some friends.

-We celebrated the 4th of July by going to Shreveport.
-Life as I knew it came to a screeching halt on July 11th when my mom passed away.
-I spent the next two weeks in Minnesota.

-We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on August 6th.
-Richard's family came to visit and we explored our area a little.
-We went to New Orleans with Richard's family.

-My dad came to visit which made him the first person of my family to visit.
-We attended football games and tailgating in the heat.
-We went to the east coast for a celebration of life for my mom.

-We attended a pumpkin carving party with some friends.
-We celebrated Halloween in a unique, but fun way.
-My nephew turned one year old!

-We celebrated Richard's birthday far too many times.
-We spent two whole weeks in Minnesota just soaking it up. Seen hereherehere and here
-I set up a photo booth for Thanksgiving that was a total hit.
-We celebrated my nephew's birthday with a little party.

-We visited Natchitoches for their Christmas festival.
-We spent a lot of time at our local Christmas shenanigans.
-We made Christmas cookies!

-And we will finished the year out with Christmas and a happy new year!
As of right now I also finished 25 things on my 101 Things in 1001 days list. I think this is pretty good so far and I still have quite a few things that are in progress that I am almost done with! So 2013 has been a year of changes and there are so many more changes that will come in 2014. I guess we are just at a point in life right now where we have no idea what to expect in the next few years. It is scary, but exciting at the same time!

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