Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update | Birthday Part 1

This weekend was full of studying and celebrating. We have a lot more celebrating to do for my husband to come so this is only part one.

We went out to dinner with Richard's faculty and other students. We went to a place called Sundown and it has a patio outdoors that we always sit at. I had some deep fried green beans which are really good. After that we headed home since Richard had to get some studying done.

terrible picture I know but it was dark
Richard had to go to school early in the morning to listen to a presentation. So I spent the morning cleaning and watching TV. Originally we were supposed to go to the football game and tailgate, but since it was raining all day we did not go. I was so bored all day that the house was super clean. Richard and I did go to Lowe's to buy some items for my photography for when we go to Minnesota. I bought some PVC piping to add to my backdrop stand, some trim and plexiglass. I will probably do a post about my equipment someday. Then we headed over to a friends house to celebrate Richard's birthday that is coming up. Since his birthday falls over break when everybody will be home, we decided to celebrate early with our friends here.

Our friend Bittani made a cake for Richard and he was in love. He seriously has not stopped talking about it since he ate it. And we still have half of it in our fridge. Later that night we ended up going dancing at a local place. We had a really good time.

Sunday was the usual cleaning and getting ready for our trip. I started to gather up my supplies for my photography sessions. I also packed all my clothes for the trip. I like to pick out all my outfits before I leave so that I have everything I need. So I spent a few hours gathering up all my clothes for the trip. And I have a giant suitcase full already.

We will be headed to Minnesota early early on Friday morning! So I have a short week this week and we have our Thanksgiving Luncheon at work as well so it should be a good week! Now all I have to do is finish packing and getting all of our stuff together for our trip! Cannot wait!

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