Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Goals

November is going to be a good month I can just feel it. My goals this month are not exactly goals more like things I plan on doing. But it's okay because I will be in Minnesota half the month so I am giving myself a pass.

First let's look back at my October Goals:
  • Pick out outfits the night before at least 3 times a week: I may not have picked them out the night before, but I did attempt to come up with more creative outfits which was the reason behind the goal.
  • Go on a walk 3 times a week (without the husband if need to): This one was about 50/50. I did really good some weeks and then not so good other weeks. But I am still working at it.

  • Complete recipe book: I finally took the time to print out my recipes. I already had a book going, but I added new recipes probably two years ago that I never took the time to print out. I also added two new recipes to my book that we have tried recently and they are delicious, Crockpot Chicken Stroganoff and Crockpot Ranch Chicken Tacos. You should try both of them.
  • Organize files in office: This one is done for now. I took the time to put files on the file cabinet that I have been putting off for forever. Next step will be to get rid of the file cabinet and use binders. The cabinet takes up too much room right now.
  • Complete one pinterest project: I actually completed two this month. Go me! Halloween Costumes and Rice Krispie Pumpkins.
  • Start Wedding Scrapbook: Nope. Not even a little bit. Someday though.
  • Keep up with the daily cleaning: I was pretty good with this one this month. I did not have any major cleaning days which was good because I did not have the time.

November Goals:
  • Go to a Shooting Range: While I am home I plan on doing this.
  • Get haircut and eyebrows waxed: Its on my 101 list so it will get done when I see my hair lady in Minnesota
  • Celebrate Anna's 21st birthday: I never got to do this with her when she turned 21 in June. It's happening in November.
  • Eat at Noodles and Company: Just the thought of that makes me hungry.
  • Take Picture for Christmas Card: Hopefully the husband will be a good sport about this. Yes, I mean you Richard.
  • Keep Car Clean for One Month: Since its basically clean right now all I have to do is keep it clean. No problem.
  • Complete One Pinterest Project: I have one in mind for the puppy that I am excited about.

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