Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Paisley Puppy Last night you thought you were so sneaky climbing on the couch next to me while Richard sat on the floor. He can still see you even if you are behind him. Dear Planner You keep getting fuller and fuller but I am fine with it because it means I am going home soon! Dear Minnesota One week. One more week until I come and see you. I seriously can not wait that long. I have so many things planned and that makes me so happy. Dear Husband I cannot wait until this quarter is done for you. Even if next quarter is just as bad at least it means this quarter is over. Dear Work Week You have been crazy and stressful and I am done with you. Hopefully next week will be better. Dear Weekend You should be pretty fun even if Richard will be too busy to talk to me. But on Saturday night we are having a birthday party for Richard so it should be a good time. And it is also time for me to get ready for our trip so that is always exciting!

Have a good weekend!
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