Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Minnesota We will be seeing by the time we go to bed tonight! So excited! Dear 17 Hour Drive Please be good to us. So far it is going well! And we will be making some pit stops along the way to make it fun. Dear Photo Challenge I am surprised that I have kept up with you. Fifteen more days, I know I can do it. Dear Husband I know you went to bed late last night but could you please wake up so that you can pay attention better. Thanks. Dear Paisley Puppy I know you hate going on these long car rides but you will have so much fun when we get there. You get to run free for two whole weeks. Dear Husband Your 24th birthday is quickly approaching. Man you are getting old. So much celebrating to be done. Dear Photography I am so excited that we will be having a few different dates while I am home. It makes me so happy. Dear Mom It really hit me yesterday that I am going home and that I will not be seeing you. I miss you more every day. Dear Weekend and the Next Two Weeks I am so ready for you. Please do not go too quickly.

Have a good weekend!
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