Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Update | Halloween

On Friday we headed over to a friend's house for a birthday party. They made yummy food and then we sat around the campfire just talking. We really enjoyed just being outside, making s'mores and hanging out.

I spent most of Saturday getting ready for the Halloween parties we were going to that night. I added some finishing touches to our Halloween costumes and I made some pumpkin rice krispies.

They were super easy to make. I started by making rice krispies like normal, but added some red and yellow food coloring to make them orange. Then I made them into balls and added a tootsie roll in the middle. Then I used some green icing with a leaf tip to make the leaves. Easiest project I have ever done.

Then we got our costumes on. We went as Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Then we headed to our first party at my friend Kristen's Aunt's house. Every year at their party they have a scavenger hunt around the city. It was really fun. We were a team of six and we had to go find different things. A few examples were to find a kiddie ride and pretend to be scared while riding, find a school zone sign, give a stranger a piggy back ride, play duck duck goose in a public place and pole dance on a street sign. And we did this all while in our costumes and people kept staring. It was pretty fun. I have some awesome videos but I think I will keep those to myself.

Then we brought back all our video and pictures to score points. And the six of us won which made it even better.

Then we headed over to hangout with Richard's school mates at their party. And this was the last Halloween party they will throw because they are graduating in the spring. Sniffle. There were some pretty good costumes there and we had fun seeing all of them.

And the rest of our weekend was pretty boring. Mostly relaxing after a busy Saturday. I did finish the book I was reading called Same Kind of Different as Me. And the funny part is that I did not realize it was a true story until I had finished it. Oops. But the story was alright, not my favorite. It did not draw me in and hook me like I like books to do. It was sort of slow, but still a good story.

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