Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Review

October is coming to an end and its crazy how fast this time is going. October was a busy month, but I really enjoyed it.

-Early in the month I went to Celtic Festival with my friend Kristen. It was fun to do something different with her.

-I started a new adventure in the job field by working towards getting licensed in Life Insurance. We will see how that goes since I am still working on it.

- We started our Halloween festivities early by going to the Haunted House in town.

-We attended a pumpkin carving party that was fun even if Richard's pumpkin did not survive.

- I was able to shadow a professional photographer and learn how she does things. I am also excited for the future of my little photography business.

- We attended a few Halloween Parties and were able to see why my friend loves her Halloween Party so much.

- I made our first ever Halloween costumes by hand. That has been a goal of mine for a while.

So this month has been pretty busy, but November should be ever busier. I get to spend two whole weeks in Minnesota which includes three weekends. It will feel like I am living there again which will be awesome!

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