Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October Goals

October has arrived and it snuck up on me. I always love the beginning of the month because everything feels so fresh. I get a fresh start and get to start over with my monthly goals.

First let's look back at September's Goals:

  • Complete two pinterest projects: I only completed one where I tried a new scrapbook design.
  • Exercise four times a week: Not even a little bit. We sort of let this one go way too easily. Hoepfully we do better this month
  • Go a week without TV: The last week of September was my week without TV. I am glad to have broke my habit again and hopefully I will stick to it.
  • Start reading again: I am actually pretty proud of this one. I finished a book I had been reading for months and I also finished the book called The Art of Racing in the Rain. It was a cute story and I would recommend it. I also stopped watching a movie before bed which is a huge step for me.

  • Finish 2010 Scrapbook: Getting closer everyday. It is the finishing touches that are taking me forever. I did finish two pages though which is better than I have been recently. And they are both Taylor which is just a coincidence.

  • Change our summer decor for fall decor: I put out my fall decor this month and I love it. I can love the fake bright colors from the comfort of my living room.

  • Clean for at least 10 minutes everyday: I am actually surprised that I did so well on this one. I like being able to wake up to a clean house.
  • Stay as close to our budget as possible: We worked really hard at this one and we did it! We spent extra on taking our puppy to the vet and fixing our car but both of those were not planned so I am still calling it a pass.
October Goals
  • Pick out outfits the night before at least 3 times a week: I feel like I have a lot of clothes I just don't take the time to put cute outfits together. I wake up too late in the morning to even think about it.
  • Go on a walk 3 times a week (without the husband if need to): My husband is crazy busy and I usually don't like to walk by myself so then I end up not walking at all. I need to commit to it whether he can join me or not.
  • Complete recipe book: I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but I have not made the time to do it.
  • Organize files in office: I need to clean the office one step at a time.
  • Complete one pinterest project: I have really been slacking lately. I love doing the projects, but I don't make the time for them.
  • Start Wedding Scrapbook: It has been two years and I have got nothing so far. Need to finalize the design and then I can dive in.
  • Keep up with the daily cleaning: Step one- clean house. Step two- keep it clean.

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