Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy First Birthday Baby D!

Today is my nephew's first birthday! This past year has gone by so incredibly fast and I cannot believe that he is already one! Being so far away has been hard, but I have seen him quite a bit in the last year so I am grateful for that.

My sister and her husband told the family by wrapping up books for each of us to open when we all got together for her husband's birthday/graduation party. Instant tears on my end knowing that I would be moving before the baby would be born.

Little man was born, one year ago today. I told my sister that I expected to be the first person they told that he was born since I would be the last to meet him. And they sent me a text early in the morning on the day he was born.

And three long weeks later, I was finally able to meet that sweet boy. We drove through the night and ended up arriving at like 9 in the morning. We did not stop long enough for me to even change, hence why I am wearing my husbands bright yellow shorts in November in Minnesota.

I was able to make it home to take his newborn, 3, 6, and 9 month pictures. And I will be home in a few weeks to take his one year pictures!


Three Months:

Six Months:

Nine Months:

And the one year pictures will be coming soon!

And also my sister took a picture of him every month so you can see how he grows here. He is just so big!

Happy birthday baby! I can't wait to celebrate your birthday when I am home. Kisses.

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