Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Workouts We have done great this week. I was even able to workout twice without the husband. I am pretty proud of that fact. Dear Paisley Puppy You will have a friend joining you this weekend so you better behave. I know you two enjoy each other so I am not too worried. Dear Grad School I would appreciate it if you would slow down a little because I would really like to see my husband. Thanks. Dear Week You have been a little rough with everything that is going on. Hoping that next week is better. Dear Mom It has been 3 months since you went to Heaven. I'm really wishing we could have our phone dates back every Wednesday. Dear Friends and Family Back Home I miss you. That is all. Dear Minnesota We have a little over a month until I will be seeing you again! And it will be for two weeks this time which is super exciting! I have so many thing that I want to do!  Dear October I think you are becoming my favorite month of the year. I mean who doesn't like cooler weather, pumpkins and Halloween?  Dear Weekend You should be a fun one. We have a lot of fall related activities and I cannot wait.

Have a good weekend!

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