Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Costumes in the Making

This is the first year where I actually "made" our Halloween costumes. I am pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish. When we came up with the idea of going as Buzz Lightyear and Woody, I knew I would only need to make a few things so I jumped right in.

For the Woody costume, my husband wore boots, jeans, a belt with a big buckle, a gun holster, a yellow shirt, a cow vest and a cowboy hat. For the Buzz Lightyear costume, I wore duct tape boots, white tights, white shorts, white shirt, green sports bra, Buzz Lightyear wings and a purple headband.

Cow Vest
For Woody, we needed a cow vest. I knew buying one online was going to be expensive so I had faith that I could make on myself. I started by going to Hancock Fabric and luckily found some cow fur fabric. I bought a yard for only $8. Then I took an old T-shirt that Richard had and made him wear it while I traced out the shape of a vest and then cut it out. I am glad he was a good sport about it. Then from there I traced onto my fabric using my "template" to make three separate pieces. I traced wider than my fabric so that I could make a seam along the edge.

Then I pinned all my pieces together and headed over to the sewing machine. First I sewed the pieces together. Then I folded over the seam so that I could sew the edges. Then I was finished and made my husband try it on to make sure it fit and it was perfect!

I uses cardboard boxes to make the wings using three pieces. I used two rectangles for the wings and then an angled box for the center. Then I used purple duct tape around all the pieces. I added white to the top and lime green to the edges. I then used a red sharpie to make the red lines on the wings. I then added elastic to the wings so that I could pull them on and off easily.

To make the boots I put on a pair of shoes and then used an old sock over my shoes.

I then wrapped white duct tape around the entire socks. I found that by using smaller pieces of duct tape it made things go smoother. I then used lime green duct tape for the toe and wrapped purple around the foot. I then had my husband cut the back of the duct tape so that I could get my foot out. I then pulled out the shoe because it was impossible to get my foot back in with the show still inside the boot. I used the sole of a pair of shoes I had so that my feet were protected.

From there, I used some string to tie up the back of the boots so they would stay on. Once I had them laced up and on my leg, I cut off any extra string so that it was not hanging there all night.

So that was all that we had to do to make this costume.

I think we did pretty good! 

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