Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Update | Football

Happy Monday! This past weekend was super busy and I loved every minute of it. We hung out with a bunch of friends and pretty much made up for not seeing much of them all summer.

The cohort ahead of my husband for his school program took some pretty intense exams this past week. So we celebrated them being done by going to dinner at a place called Dawg House. The food there is amazing and it helped ease my craving for nachos. After dinner, we went to a friends house and hung out with a bunch of people. We had a very good time.

We started off by taking Paisley puppy to the vet. She needed her yearly shots and her ears had been bugging her. We waited at the vet for almost 2 hours. Paisley was not very happy with us.

Then we were off to hang out with some more friends for the first home football game for my husbands school. We started at a friends house and then we moved on to the tailgating at the game. And let me tell you it was hot.  The temperature was like 97 degrees and the student section of the game is in the direct sunlight. The game started later in the afternoon so luckily the sun started to set and went behind some trees and it made it more bearable.

After the game, our friends hosted an after party. I was able to meet some new people to the program this year which was fun. We basically just hung out and had a great time. It has been a while since everybody has hung out together so it was nice to see everybody again.

Sunday was our catch up on relaxation day. I wanted to watch the Vikings football game and did not realize that it would not be on my cable station until right before the game. So I had to quickly figure out what I was to do. I was finally able to figure out how to watch it by the second quarter on my computer.

Other than that, we went grocery shopping and did a little cleaning. But our Sunday was mostly catching up from our crazy weekend.

Now hopefully this week goes quickly because my dad will be visiting this weekend and we have my work picnic to go to which should be fun!

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend, girl. Everyone is so crazy about some football and all of my friends were miserably hot and sweating tailgating, haha!


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