Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Update | Dad Came to Town

Well if you read my post from Friday, you knew that my dad was going to be in town this weekend. My husband had his annual fall conference this weekend and I invited my mom to come down and visit me that weekend. Well since my mom passed away, my dad offered to take her ticket so I would not have to spend the weekend by myself. I thought this weekend would be harder than it was, and I am glad that we were able to have fun. So here goes our weekend.

I picked my dad up from the airport around lunch time. We tried to find a local restaurant for about a half hour before we finally found it. The location in the map we were using was completely wrong. And when we called the restaurant, they could not explain where they were located.  After lunch I took him to work so he could meet some of my coworkers and check out the building. Then we headed over to Duck Commander, since we live so close. My dad watches the show sometimes so he wanted to check it out.

Then we did some grocery shopping and then went antique shopping where I got this cute little stool for my photography. That is right my sister, my little nephew will have his picture taken on this stool!

Then we went to dinner at Applebee's and rented the movie Olympus Has Fallen.

Saturday morning started out with us going to my company picnic. They had inflatable jumpers, rides, food and a K9 demonstration all for free. It was pretty sweet. My dad especially liked the K9 demo and he kept asking all kinds of questions. Gotta love it.

After that we went to an antique car show because my dad really wanted to go.

Then we did some more antique shopping, hung out by the pool, explored a little bit and I took him to my favorite fro-yo shop because it is delicious.

Early Sunday morning we took Paisley puppy to the dog park. It had been a while since we have gone so she was in heaven.

After that, we headed to pick up my husband from school and explored the town a little bit. Then we just hung out the rest of the day, just relaxing.

So overall we had a pretty busy weekend. I am very glad that he was able to come down in visit me. We had a great time!

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