Thursday, September 19, 2013

Six Years

Tuesday was Richard and I's six year anniversary of being together. It is amazing to think that we have been together six years. I feel as though the older I get the crazier it is to think about how much time has passed. I cannot believe we have been together six years. It feels like just yesterday that we met and started dating.

The past six years have been the best years of my life. It has been quite the adventure and I am excited for all that there is a head of us

This past six years we....

...went from looking like babies (left) to looking grown up (right). Well Richard looks grown up anyway.

...met in high school so we went to prom together.

...graduated high school.

...adopted our puppy.

....have been to five concerts. All of them country music. One of those concerts was a musical festival called We Fest. One other time we met my favorite person Taylor Swift.

...have travelled to many different places. New York, Boston, Cape Cod, Vermont, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Vegas(twice), Kentucky and Florida, to name a few :). engaged.

...then got married.

...went on our honeymoon.

...bought a house.

...had our first christmas together as a married couple.

...both graduated from college.

...moved from Minnesota to Louisiana.

...became an Aunt and an Uncle. picking pumpkins. the Minnesota state fair.

...enjoy winter pictures.

...celebrate anniversaries.

...and birthdays.

That is the last six years in a very condensed post. Six years together, two years of marriage. I will probably say this every year, but the time is going so fast it is hard to believe at times.
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