Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Goals

I haven't done a goal post in a while. Let's just say that circumstances have led me to not be super motivated.

But I think I need to make myself some goals so that I can get back on track.

September Goals:
  • Complete two pinterest projects: To make up for not making one last month
  • Exercise four times a week: Just to keep myself moving
  • Go a week without TV: This may be over ambitious, but I started watching TV again and I need to stop
  • Start reading again: I was pretty good at reading before bed, but lately I have been falling asleep while watching a movie. I think it is time for me to stop doing this.
  • Finish 2010 Scrapbook: I am so close to being done. Just a few finishing touches and then I can keep moving forward with my scrapbook catch up.
  • Change our summer decor for fall decor: I need to figure out what to put in my jars
  • Clean for at least 10 minutes everyday: Why I struggle with keeping up with the daily cleaning I will never understand
  • Stay as close to our budget as possible: No more extra spending
We will see how this month goes. I am hoping to accomplish all these goals!

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  1. LOVE your goals! I really like the no TV thing! I shamefully don't know if I can do it! Can't wait to see how well your goals go this month!


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