Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Monday Tuesday! Short week this week so hopefully it will go quickly!

We had a great weekend. The perfect balance of friends, cleaning and relaxing!

We started Friday off right by going for a walk after work. It is always a great way to chat with my husband while getting some moving in. After sitting at my desk all day, I love being able to go for a walk. While we were walking we saw two baby deer and one adult deer. We have never seen them on that trail before so that was a fun surprise.

After our walk, we made dinner, got some frozen yogurt and then watched the movie The Avengers. We had seen it before, but since we watched the marvel movies in the wrong order I wanted to see it again.

I woke up Saturday morning before my husband so I spent some time cuddling with my puppy on the couch.

Then we headed out with some friends to a place called Excalibur. It was sort of like a small version of a Chuck E Cheese. We went with our friends Dave, Obi and Obi's girlfriend Theo. We were definitely the oldest people there without children. We played some games, played laser tag and went go karting. When we were playing laser tag, my husband and Dave were chasing each other and my husband ran away from him and tripped over one of the barriers and fell into another one. Dave and I could not stop laughing.

Later that night, we went over to a friend's house with a bunch of people. We ate some homemade gumbo and played the game cards against humanity. That game is like an adult version of apples to apples and it was really fun. Everybody decided to call my husband giggles because he kept giggling.

Picture stolen from Theo. Thanks Theo!
Sunday was pretty uneventful. We cleaned, grocery shopped and relaxed. And we spent two hours trying to get the Delta website to work on our computers. Turns out our anti-virus software was too strong to even let Delta work. But I finally bought my plane ticket for my friend Rachel's wedding in November! It is getting so close and I am so excited! And my husband is able to come with me this time which makes it even better! After all of that we played scrabble and watched Men in Black 2. 

We woke up Monday morning and went for a walk right away. Then we came home and my husband studied while I became a master seamstress. I decided to sew pair of my dress pants that my mother in law had helped me shorten. Because let's face it I am really short. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to sew and it looks totally normal.

Then we went with some friends to a hibachi restaurant. It was the first time we my husband and I have ever been to one so it was pretty fun. Our cook was funny and entertaining.

So we had a pretty good weekend. It was busy, but relaxing all together. That is the beauty of three day weekends.

And today marks the first day of my husbands second year of grad school. What a stud!

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