Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Husband I wish I could go with you to your conference this weekend since you are going to have so much fun. But don't worry I'll be fine. Dear Paisley Puppy I sometimes forget how smart you are. Last night you knew Richard was not home so you climbed into bed with me without being invited. I know you know better than that but I thought it was too funny to scold you for it. Dear Dad Thanks for coming to visit me this weekend. I am glad I do not have to spend the weekend alone. It may be a little hard for me considering this was supposed to be the weekend my mom came down to visit. Dear Mom I miss you so incredibly much and I am so sad that you will not be here this weekend. I will be thinking of you a lot and I know you will be watching me from heaven. Dear Sisters, Brother-in-law and Nephew I get to see you people in two weeks! I can't wait to squeeze my nephew and see him crawling everywhere like a crazy man. Dear Weekend Please be good to me and let me enjoy my time with my dad. We have some fun stuff planned so it should be a good time.

Have a good weekend!
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