Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Fall is by far my favorite season. What's not to like? (friends quote right there. mildly obsessed.) Fall has so many fun things to look forward to.

The Colors. When the trees start to change and there are so many amazing colors to see that is my favorite part about fall. I don't get that as much in Louisiana, but hopefully when I go out to Boston at the end of the month I will get to see a little of that.

amazing colors!
Cooler Weather. I don't know what it is about this year....maybe its because its really hot here, but I am super excited for some cool weather. Being from Minnesota, I have never really minded the cool weather. Being able to wear boots, sweaters and scarves is my idea of a good time. Oh Pinterest how you tease me.

Football. The south has changed me into a football fan. It is huge down here and I kinda like it. Being able to spend an entire day with friends tailgating, watching the game and celebrating afterwards is pretty amazing. And then there is the NFL which is pretty cool too.

Halloween. Who doesn't like going to a party with a bunch of people dressed in costumes for that one day of the year. And a big plus this year is that my little nephew turns one year old on October 31st and he's pretty cute.

Thanksgiving. And Black Friday. I mean turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes and pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite meal. Plus Black Friday shopping is the highlight of my year. My sisters and I are those crazy people that stand outside a store waiting for it to open at midnight in the 20 degree temperatures. And we look forward to it every year.


You people in the north enjoy your cool weather, fun colors and your fall clothes. I'll be down here enjoying summer weather until November.

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