Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Orleans

As I mentioned before, Richard's family came down to Louisiana to visit. We decided to spend one of the weekends they were here in New Orleans since it is more fun than hanging out around our house.

So this weekend we headed down to New Orleans.

We visited a lot of different restaurant and explored the town.

We headed to Cafe Du Monde a few times to get some beignets. The little guys really enjoyed them.

After we ate the beignets, we walked around Jackson Square a bit. While walking through there we ran into this guy who pretends to be a statue and will break character when you get close to scare you. The boys did not realize that the "statue" was a real person so they got close and he scared them pretty good. Then after, he posed for a picture.

One of the days we split up. Richard's mom and I took the youngest to the children's museum, while everybody else went to the World War II museum.

The boys got flying suits from the World War II museum that they wanted to wear. While they were wearing them, we were waiting outside a store when a car pulls up and two army guys jumped out. They were wearing flight suits as well so they offered to take a picture with the littles. It was pretty cute.

Some other things we did:

-We went antique shopping in a cute little spot in town. Richard and I even walked the whole way back and ended up walking 6 miles that day.

- Richard, his 17 year old brother and I also walked down Bourbon Street so his brother could see it. We were not able to go into any bars though, but we did get to see some entertainment.

- We got some treats at the candy store. Richard got a snickers apple and the boys got cotton candy.

-We rode the trolley since the boys really wanted to.

So that was our trip to New Orleans. And on my 101 in 1001 Days, I have explore cities in Louisiana so this counts even if I was there before. My list and I think it should count. We saw different parts than we did last time so it all good. New Orleans is a fun city and there is always something to do.

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