Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Moving to Louisiana

Well as of Sunday it has officially been a year since we have moved to Louisiana. I cannot believe how fast this time has gone! I remember telling people we were moving to Louisiana and everybody kept saying how fast the time would go. I did not believe them then, but I do now!

And since I was not blogging last year when we moved I thought this would be a good time to re-live the experience.

-Finding a place to rent was one of the hardest things I have done. Most of the places in the area we were looking at did not list their properties online. So research in advance was pretty much impossible. And then Richard's mom and I went to Louisiana over a weekend and most places are not open on weekends. Originally our plane was supposed to land early Friday afternoon, but our plane got delayed so we got in later in the evening. So we missed our opportunity to see most of the places we had in mind. But after some lucky breaks we found the place that we currently live and we are totally happy.

-We hired movers to take all of our things because we had a lot of stuff to move and it would be just the two of us unloading in Louisiana. And me and my little self was not going to be very much help. So we payed probably more than we should have, but it was necessary at the time.

-Our drive down to Louisiana was the most stressful trip I have ever been on. We pulled my car behind Richard's Jeep which was our first mistake. We had to drive extra slow and be careful that the car did not move around too much behind us. The trouble started when we hit Arkansas. There are a lot  of up and downs and turns when you are driving through the mountains. And having to pull the car through all of that was not fun. Then the sun set and we could see all kinds of deer on the side of the road and we were super freaked that one of them was going to jump out in front of us. And the roads were not lit at all so we could not see more than a few feet in front of us. Not good.

-When we got to Louisiana, our movers arrived shortly after we did. They unloaded everything while we organized. After everything was unloaded, we realized that they forgot some pieces to our bed so we were not able to set it up. And unpacking was crazy because at first we could not find our shower curtain so showering was a little difficult. And then there was the whole hurricane threat that came through 3 days after we moved. And we had no internet to keep up with the storm which made it even more interesting.

So the moral of the story is moving across the country is quite the challenge. But I would say that we definitely learned a lot from it. We will be way more organized next time it happens and probably begin packing a lot sooner. And once the move was over things started to get much better. This move has been the experience of a lifetime and even though I may not love every minute of it, I definitely would not change it. These experiences are something we would not have encountered without moving so I am grateful to have been forced out of my comfort zone. It has definitely helped me grow as a person and our relationship has also seen some changes. Having to depend on each other 100% has helped to strengthen our relationship.

And coming later this week, some of the fun things we have done in Louisiana!

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